I have been observing Nature since my childhood. With intensity. Animals, plants and minerals. Insects have opened the doors of a fascinating parallel world. I discovered a wealth of shapes, textures and colors unmatched within the rest of the animal world. Creativity of life seems boundless, serving a divine aesthetic. Since then, I have constantly shared my passion but also my beliefs. The other is not necessarily scary and the difference is always interesting. It teaches us . To watch, first and feel the emotion that invaded us when our bearings vanish. Then, to analyze the future of humanity, closely linked to the contemplation inspired by Nature. Finally, to initiate a quest for beauty. Not a vain beauty, on the contrary. A beauty, essential for our thirst of art, of absolute, of transcendence that makes us human beings, which asks us about the immanent question of the origin of creation.
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December 2018 to june 2019 : Exhibition in Musée des Confluences of Lyon, France

November, 22 to january, 16 : Exhibition at Hegoa gallery, Paris

November, 8 to 11: Fotofever 2018 thanks to Hegoa gallery

May, 31 to june, 6 : Pop-up store, 6, rue Auber, Paris

May, 25 to june, 3 : Arts'nimaux in Montfort l'Amaury, France

April, 7 : Faber-1 sold on auction in Drouot, Paris


Decembrer : Best of in the Galerie Blin plus Blin

October, 6 to 27 : Mozaïques in Pont Sainte-Marie, France

September to march : Exhibition on the grids of the Natural History Museum of La Rochelle, France

Summer 2017 : Galerie Blin plus Blin, Paris et Montfort l'Amaury, Best of.

May, 10 to 14: AAF London with ARTELITE Gallery


1st of july to august, 15 : Exhibition "L'été Rochegude" in Albi, Fance

May : Exhibition at Artelite, Montpellier

March 2016 : Exhibition at Galerie Blin plus Blin, Paris 6th

February : AAF Brussels with ARTELITE Gallery


November, 27 to 30: ST’ART, Strasbourg’s Art Fair, France

November 2015: Permanently at Blin plus Blin Gallery, 75007 Paris

October, 29 to 1st of november: AAF Amsterdam, Art Fair

September, 10 to 19 : Exhibition at Mondain, Collection privée, 75008 Paris

July, august: « Best Of » at Blin plus Blin Gallery of Paris

July, august: « Best Of » at Blin plus Blin Gallery, Montfort l’Amaury

June, july, august: Exhibition at Gallery AD -Stories of Identity - Internationaal Fotofestival Gent 2015

April, 18 to 4th of may : Exhibition at Art Fair Antibes, France

February, 6 to april, 6 : Exhibition at Galerie Blin, Montfort l’Amaury


 October, 9 to 13 : Exhibition at Photo’s week in Le Touquet, France

August, 15 to 30: Bettina gallery, Paris

May 2014 : The Gallery - Montfort l'Amaury (78)

April 2014 : Bettina gallery, 75006 Paris 

April, 2 to May, 29 : Bettina gallery, Paris 

April, 28 to May, 18: Christiane Peugeot gallery

February, 20 to 15 : Bettina gallery, Paris 


2013 : Start of the "Mask" project for contemporary art

September, 25 to 29 : Exhibition at Royal Monceau Gallery, Paris

October, 4 to 6 : Fotofever Brussels - Art 22 Gallery 

November, 15 to 17 : Fotofever Paris - Art 22 Gallery

November, 28 to December, 1, 2013: MAC Paris Art Fair, Paris

1991 until today: Numerous publications of photo-reports in the french press (Le Figaro Magazine, National Geographic, Ca m'Intéresse, Science & Vie ...) and their foreign counterparts on topic ranging from the nature to anthropology

1991: First publication of a photo reportage (Figaro Magazine) 

1990: Became a professional photographer specializing in macro photography 

1985-1989: Participation in films about wildlife. Iceland, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Spain ... 

1980-1985: Several travels (Malaysia, Peru) to discover equatorial forests and insects

1958: Birth in the north of France